What is DDIChat?

How does DDIChat work?

In what form(s) does DDIChat session take place?

Which browser do we recommend ?

Why should we trust the quality of DDIChat Experts in a given category?

Is there a way to filter through the experts using different criteria, such as price, category, location, etc?

What fields of expertise are currently being offered on DDIChat platform?

Can DDIChat user suggest a new area of expertise?

What are the mechanics (or steps) of booking a DDIChat session?

What if the expert doesn’t respond to the booking request?

Can the session be cancelled by client user?

Can the session be cancelled by expert user?

Does DDIChat retain the information in the chat sessions?

Is DDIChat liable for what is shared by Expert Users to Clients during DDIChat sessions?

As a user of DDIChat service, if I am not happy with the DDIChat session, can I ask for a refund?

What is DDIChat Expert User Account?

What is the set of DDIChat Expert functionalities that are enabled for Expert User Account?

I have been approved as an Expert user, but after setting up my account profile, it doesn’t show up on the expert listing page https://app.ddichat.com/experts. What is the reason?

For an expert user, is it necessary for me to show my authentic image and legal name on the profile?

Is an expert user required to be an individual? Can it be a business entity?

What is BlockTime (BT)?

How should Expert determine the price of each BT?

What are the default settings for Expert Profile?

What is the fastest way to set up Expert Profile?

What is MagicLink? How to use it?

How does DDIChat work?

How does DDIChat Expert get paid?

When does DDIChat Expert get paid?

How much does DDIChat Expert share in the gross revenue?

How does DDIChat market its service?

Are there suggestions for Expert User on how they might market their own DDIChat session?