William Barter

Creativity consultant for business, graphic design, storytelling, digital content, and marketing strategies.


I am a creativity consultant living in Brazil with more than 20 years of experience in the marketing field.
I have some books published, with 2 of them in the creativity area, although just one is in English by now: Creativity: The search for meaning in the creative act.
Nowadays, I work with entrepreneurs to help them to launch their businesses, not only like a coach or a consultant but like a real partner, participating in the various parts of the project, giving my soul to guarantee that a dream can come true.
I have deep expertise in:
- Digital Transformation - Led several digital transformations in many organizations aligning people and processes with new ideas to increase revenues, reduce costs and save time.
- Creativity and Innovation – Adaptability is a powerful tool to create stronger businesses and make some revolutionary changes in society. Without it, no one can put his or her creativity into action. My job is to help people to find it, discovering the element that changes everything. Everyone is creative you have to find it inside you.
- Content Creation and Digital Marketing - Deep understanding of digital marketing and e-commerce. including scaling audiences for digital products reaching audiences through social media and email campaigns.
- Graphic Design – Visual id that reveals the real soul of your company, enchanting people not only with color and movement but with a story to tell.
I am fluent in Portuguese, and I have a good domain in English and Spanish.

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