Volodymyr Bilyk

I help companies and specialists to present their value proposition with forward-thinking strategy and quality content.


Hello! I'm Volodymyr - a marketing manager with 10 years in content marketing and 5 years in digital strategy. In one way or another, my career always revolved around achieving goals through quality content. 

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I started as a journalist, and it was all about writing an exciting piece. Then I became an editor, and now it was all about delivering a coherent and consistent experience. That's my foundation.

That's what driven me to switch into marketing as I'm infinitely fascinated by the possibilities marketing can open for business at various stages. 

Whether it is a startup working on its first statement to the world or an outsourcing company describing its project portfolio or a company rolling out a new product - it is marketing that makes it truly seen, heard and followed. 

That's why I'm eager to help companies figure out how to do marketing that best serves their business goals and drives them forward.

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