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About Me

Upon completing my Masters in Leadership, I have embarked on a journey to inspire other young leaders trying to manage startups like myself. I am currently completing an Aerospace Engineering Degree and have been working at an Aerospace firm for the last three years. For the last year, I have been working in the business strategy team, where I have been developing future innovation strategies.

I have hopes to complete a masters in business analytics and then to go on to complete a doctorate in Organisational Behaviour. 

I am an ambitious young individual who seeks to empower others through my writing whilst change the way business and leadership is approached for future generations.

Why I Do What I Do

When I completed my Masters in Leadership, I was surprised how little I was prepared for leadership. Despite spending four years practising, leadership was different to how it was presented. 

The reality is, many of the things I have learned about leadership and entrepreneurship are outdated. And with a new wave of technology and future generations approaching, we must transform these core skills in society to suit the times. 

Therefore, I do what I do because I see a need for all leaders to begin transforming the way they approach their day-to-day jobs. As Gen Z start to hit the workforce, many of these methods and tools that have been used no longer work. So, it is time for a new wave of leadership, entrepreneurship, education, coaching and personal growth to hit the market. 

How I Do What I Do

Currently, I produce content on Medium as a writer advising my audience. As a writer, I spend a lot of my time thinking through the best ways to present the information needed to succeed as a leader and in business. I have also finished a book on personal growth and still have three more book ideas to complete. 

Recently, I began advising universities on new ways to approach education reform and start teaching lessons that are worthwhile for future generations. 

Finally, I have 3 E-books and a range of free online courses I am producing to help further my reach to help my customers. Also, to help my fellow writers in the field, I am starting a podcast. These will all be coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled for more revolutionary content from me on leadership, business and personal growth. 

What I Can Offer You

Through my consultancy, I hope to improve your leadership skills and prepare you for the future of business. I offer leadership and writing consultancy as of current. If you have a specific problem in any of those domains and believe I am the one who can answer it, book a session with you.

I am sure I will be able to guide you to a solution through my experience and expertise. 

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