Tapan Chauhan

Brand Voice Consultant helping brands - Design & develop applications powered by Voice - Prepare Voice marketing strategies - Design delightful user experiences using cutting edge Voice technology - Amazon Alexa, Google Home & Samsung Bixby.


Founder & CEO at Smart Voice Studio | Brand Voice Consultant | Voice marketing strategy designer 

Voice-first technology is changing how consumers and businesses search for things they need. It's become more common to use technology with mobile devices. Plus, with the advent of more virtual assistants like Alexa/Echo as well as Google and Apple's voice-enabled Internet of Things (IoT) devices, more marketers are realizing why they need to consider how they might use this technology in their marketing and advertising efforts.

While brands have developed countless Skills, most deliver the same basic experience. The field is clear for anyone who is clever enough to come up with something fresh and new. Very soon, as even more brands jump onto these platforms, it will get harder to make a dent in people’s awareness. Don’t let this moment pass.

Let me help you bring your ideas to life. Let me help you design and build a Voice powered application for your BRAND.  

Voice Assistants Poised To Be The Next Tech Disruptor. Voice assistant technology isn’t a new concept, but with advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning, adoption has grown in recent years. In turn, competition in the voice-enabled device market is starting to heat up.

I Have worked on more than 100 projects for clients from various industries - Financial services, Real estate, healthcare, education, Digital marketing, media distribution, retail, etc.

Let’s talk about your project in detail and see if I can help you get the best version of your idea in the market.


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