Sandra SR

I'll be your personal finance partner! Control your financial future and live a life without worry

Finance Made Personal

Just because you're a new investor, or you want to manage and grow your savings, it doesn't mean you're on your own. I am here to help you make smart investing strategies.

We will discuss your current financial situation and your goals. I will show you the way to achieve them and teach you how to do it yourself. From opening an investing account to building an entire optimized investment portfolio, I will educate and guide you step by step through the entire process.

Together we will craft a perfect financial plan, using my expertise and knowledge in risk analysis, economics, and finance to craft a strategy that's specific to your needs.  I will tailor an investment portfolio that is suitable for your goals, taking into account liquidity risk issues, volatility risks, and return expectations.

Who am I: 
 I have 24 years of experience working as an engineer doing project economics and risk analysis. I hold a master's in engineering, one in economics and I am currently finishing a master's in data science and analytics. I realized early in my career that personal finances were key if I wanted to provide a stable future for me and my family. I have been applying my expertise to my personal finances, and I have been able to retire early. Now I am enjoying what I like the most, learning, teaching, and helping others. 

I am committed to teaching you how to improve your personal finances and helping you succeed.

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