Simon Spichak

Neuroscientist | Microbiome Bioinformatician | Blockchain & Tech | Science Communication


I'm an award-winning science communicator and neuroscientist. I recently submitted my Master's Thesis studying the ways that bacteria in the gut affect our brain. This bolstered my knowledge of statistics and bioinformatics, especially relating to large -omics datasets. In addition, I'm a seasoned science and tech writer with expertise across biology, neuroscience, microbiome and blockchain. Below you can find my consulting and writing services in more detail. If you're interested in learning more about me and my background you can check out my profiles around the web:

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Science/Tech Consultation

In 2020, I participated in the world's premiere science communication competition. I explained complex scientific topics in just three minutes. I represented Ireland at the international competition, organized by the British Council. I bring the same clarity, knowledge and charisma to explain scientific concepts including blockchain & cryptocurrency, neuroscience, psychology, microbiome, bioinformatics, statistics and more. 

Technical Analysis and Report/Article Writing

As part of my thesis, I published several primary and secondary peer-reviewed publications in prominent journals. These publications exemplify my excellence in compiling, summarizing and assessing evidence across dozens or sometimes hundreds of individual studies. The work forming my thesis has now received more than 700 citations

I also communicate science and technology through my writing. I have published more than 200 articles for UpWork clients, Massive Science, Medium, RTE Brainstorm and BioSpace. I am excellent with making sure these pieces are thorough, targeted for their audience and written with a fast turnaround time. I've become a Top Writer across several topics in Medium and built an organic following of more than 1400 people on the platform. 

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Bioinformatics and Statistics Consultation

As part of my studies, I learned how to analyze datasets involving hundreds or thousands of data-points. One of my recent papers looked at more than 200 studies of the gut microbiome and the brain to assess their bioinformatics and statistical rigor. Shockingly, many of these studies fell short, limiting the conclusions of these studies. I've become a seasoned expert in preprocessing, analyzing, visualizing and interpreting microbiome and genomic data. I also understand different techniques to look for associations and correlations in data.

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