Shaurya Uppal

Data Scientist @ epiFi | Ex- 1mg | Research Expert - Consultant | PyWhatsapp Creator | Top 10 Active Data Scientist in India


I am a data scientist who has experience working with burgeoning companies like Glance (Inmobi Group), EpiFi, and Tata 1mg. 
I also have worked with different companies e.g. InterviewBit, Dezyre, and, RateCity as a research data science consultant. 

My Domain Expertise is in Fintech, Edtech, and Ecommerce where I have built: recommendation engines, time-series forecasting models, product data science, natural language processing, etc. 
I have a bias for action, solution-oriented, and have a good track record in communicating with stakeholders and establishing credibility. My role involves deciphering heaps of data, analyzing it, churning out meaningful insights from the data, and assisting stakeholders to make data-driven decisions. 
I have experience in developing end-to-end data science models helping companies move business metrics. I constantly learn new things and explore new realms of data science.

I am also titled as Top 10 Most Active Data Scientist in India.

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