Ryan Fahey

I Coach Authors to become Best-Sellers and Support Wellness Programming for Side Hustlers and Business Owners.


I am a 2-time Indie Best-Selling Author, Coach, and Entrepreneur. If you are looking to publish your non-fiction book; or advice around how you can continue to build your empire without compromising your well-being, I am your guy.

I reside in Ottawa, Canada, and can be reached at any time!


Book Coaching

Your book should serve as a vehicle to enhance your business. In fact, book writing is a business all in itself. Through my 5-step proven method to becoming a best-seller, I will help you build the empire you always wanted but never thought was possible. Let's chat!

“I had the best coach!! If anyone is looking to take on a book Ryan is the best. His coaching will save you 100's of hours and he is so professional and easy to work with." - Canadian Best-Selling Author

 Wellness Consulting for Side Hustlers

You should not have to compromise your well-being while pursuing your hobby, passion, or side hustle. As an Entrepreneur having 13 years of experience as a wellness coach, I can help you set a plan for success that will allow you to not compromise your well-being while you pursue your dreams.

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