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With Rishi Mishra


I am keen data enthusiast and fond of working with the real world Machine Learning and Deep Learning problems.

When you have a conversation with the new ML practitioners, we find most people really tend to focus just on optimizing the ML algorithm. They want to make sure they have the newest, coolest thing right out of the papers. Whether they’ve tuned all the right hyperparameters or they have used the right number of convolutional layers.

But for a real world project, there is a different scenario. I believe optimizing the ML algorithm takes a much smaller segment of effort than people expect. I think we should really pay close attention to data collection. After that we will make sure that we can train our model many, many times and automatically and smoothly, or making sure we can serve that model at scale to the end users.

I am also a passionate writer and loves to write stories about the projects I do or the new coolest things/ideas I found.

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$45.00 / 30min