Data Science / AI / ML / DL

With Precious Kolawole


I am Data Scientist who loves extracting knowledge and insights from structured and unstructured data. Loves using my skills in technology to find trends, patterns, and manage data. Always with the curiosity to explore what problems need to be solved and uncover solutions. A person of vision, depth, tenacity, and capacity. 

I work at Lendsqr, a financial company here in Nigeria, where I collaborate with a team of software developers as a Data Scientist in building, deploying, and testing ML Model as a REST API with Flask, and many other frameworks for predicting which customers will default on their loans based on their financial information and historical data.

I aspire to bridge the gap between Health and Technology in order to make Health accessible to all. However, this has never been a roadblock in furtherance of my career in Technology but an eye-opener to get more hidden human problems solved using AI.

Above is a link to my portfolio website which I built from scratch with HTML, CSS, Python, Flask, and Javascript.

Writing technical articles is one of the things I'm well vast in,, attached is the link to my blog where I write about Data Science, Machine Learning, and AI-related topics. 

Rate (USD)

$60.00 / 30min