Pratik Anjay

Data Science & Analytics Manager | IIM Kozhikode | Ex- Walmart, EY | Machine Learning , NLP , Business Strategy | Data Science Mentor


9+ years experienced Professional in Managing, Developing and Implementing Analytics, Data Science, Machine Learning solutions. 
Key Skills :
− Good Understanding of Business Economics, Business Strategy, Business Analytics & Business Intelligence.
− Experience in Leading & Managing Data Science & Analytics teams.
− Have in-depth industry knowledge on different Business Domains such as Banking, Finance, Ecommerce, Infrastructure , HR Analytics, Marketing or Digital Marketing etc.
− Good understanding of Customer Analytics, Location Analytics, Marketing & Digital Marketing Analytics.
− Excellent Client handling and Stakeholders management experience. 
− Experience in start to end execution of the data science projects, POCs from understanding business requirements, data discovery and extraction, model development and evaluation.
− Expertise in Descriptive Analytics, Predictive Analytics, Regression Models,Machine Learning (ML) algorithms etc
− Expertise in NLP Techniques such as Bag of words, tfidf, word2vec, doc2vec, POS, NER, ngram,Text Mining, Text Classification using Python.
− Working experience in SQL, NOSQL, Hive, Snowflake & large Databases such as Data Lake.
− Good Understanding of Cloud Technologies such as AWS S3, AWS Glue, AWS Athena, AWS Redshift.
− Experience in producing Dashboards and Reports through “Tableau” or “PowerBI”.
− Good Understanding of OCR, Text to Speech, Speech to Text, Deep learning techniques such as ANN.
− Good understanding of Google Analytics, A/B testing for an application.

Looking for a Challenging Opportunity as Data Scientist/Analytics Manager/Product Manager or any Management or leadership role in India or Outside India( Onsite Opportunities 

Open for Analytics or Data Science consulting also.

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