Pablo Lema

Professional crypto investor with 17 years experience in the digital money space.

BO,BOL,Bolivia,S,Santa Cruz Department,Santa Cruz de la Sierra

Pablo has been an investor in the digital money space since 2006. He first started as an entrepreneur in startups related to the currencies of games such as Second Life's Linden Dollar and World or Warcraft Gold, having operated retail trading arms for these currencies as well as farming operations with over one hundred employees at their peak. Pablo also had early experience with E-Gold and other early means to exchange value over the internet.

In 2011 Pablo became aware of Bitcoin, and since then he has been an active, full time, long term investor in several digital currencies. Pablo has developed his own version of “Value Investing” into crypto assets and published three books on the subject. Pablo maintains an active mailing list and blog through his website “” where he outlines his latest thoughts on investing the space.

Pablo's services include orienting new investors to the space, risk management and ways to think about risk, a long term approach to investing and why this is the best way to profit from cryptocurrencies and well as how and when to select targets for investment. Pablo also offers support and specialized services to get you started with the newest way to profit from crypto assets, technical incentivized testnets, offering one on one support as well as guides and technical know-how.

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