Ozzin Jun

#1 Int. Business Celebrity Mentor & Artist | Top 50 Podcast Mental Health "Inspiration Science" | 🎬 I Help Entrepreneurs Turn Their Passion Into A 6-7 Fig World-Class Coaching Business 🌟


''Jump in at the deep end & be your own catalyst of life.''

This is how I changed my life. Being faithful, boldly passionate, impact-driven & do what seems a little ''insane'' to the world.

My life took many turns with strong contrasts. From hell to heaven. From being kidnapped in 2019, abused, facing lot of toxicity in my life and from losing everything including my health. 

I took a DECISION that was a catalyst of my life.

From a broke student, 2 uni-dropouts and several mental hardships, from being 80k+ in debt, I turned myself into an international multi 6-figure business star & artist within 8 months.

My mission is to help high-performing entrepreneurs, coaches & consultants turn their passion into a world-class 6-7-figure coaching business. So they can dominate their industry through media, arts and through a micro-celebrity network+mentoring. I'm fueled to help people put their dreams into action.

I want to transform education & political systems. I'm working on melting nations together (such as south & north korea), building leadership academies around the world, healing houses and show people how we can live in our own universal way. Hosting the most artistic events & heal the world through creativity. So we can break free from all labels, third-party stories and titles that are not serving us to create our own rules of wisdom to live by.

⭐️ Today, I'm known as the #1 International Business Celebrity Mentor, as seen in Yahoo, Disrupt, Fox News, with a strong marketing and personal development background.

I teach my clients worldwide how to attract consistent soul clients effortlessly through social media, having suitable systems in place, and all things business. I hold a insane high space of ENERGY, deep love and care to my clients with new creative concepts, delivered in a way I have never seen in a coaching industry before.

I devoted my time and investment also into the deeper awareness of people. Foundations are key, such as self-awareness, resolving inner blocks, traumas, mindset, unlocking the ego-box and aligning life purpose to the business purpose. 

‘’Success lies in maximizing the foundations. The higher you want to build, the deeper the roots need to be.’’

I coined the term ‘’Inspiration Science’’ which is about to activate potential and help people to develop their own science in life, as I believe there is no right or wrong way, only YOUR UNIVERSAL WAY.

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