Naushad Sheikh

Entrepreneur | Product manager | Author of Product Development Strategy for Startups


My name is Naushad Sheikh, and I'm a Serial entrepreneur, consumer internet product guy and author of Product Development Strategy for Startups ( ). 

For the past 10 years, I've been solely focused on the ed-tech industry. As the founder of two ed-tech startups, I've seen everything from the highs of expanding to 6-figure months to the lows of late inventory and crazy customers, and everything in between. I've been there and done that. I enjoy sharing tried-and-true advice I've learned along the road to help people build the companies of their dreams.

I, like most of the college kids never put what I learned to use. I later struggled to find out how to accomplish things and advance in my profession after entering the actual world of work culture. So I started PluralLabs. At PluralLabs we collaborate with top instructors to provide high-impact live workshops on personal and professional development for learners all around the world. 

PluralLabs invites all mentors with any professional skillset to join us and launch their workshops on PluralLabs.

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