Leadership, Coaching, and Personal Growth

With Mofrad Muntasir


Continuous improvement is the process of making small changes & improvements every day to get significant results eventually.

It all starts with setting up a large goal. That’s the easy part.

But then usually our impatient mind takes over. It often makes the mistake of trying to achieve that goal in a short time by doing more every day.

And thus increasing the chance of burnout and making the goal seem more difficult than it is.

You may want to lose 20 pounds in weight. It’s better to make a 3-month plan than explore a 4–week long quick hack. You may want to become a millionaire. You can try the short roads using risky investments or careers instead of building skills & being patient (like Warren Buffet).

Continuous improvement increases the chances of success.

I will help you firm up your goals, set up a roadmap for continuous improvement, and develop a S.M.A.R.T. routine.

Rate (USD)

$75.00 / 30min