Md Zubair

University Lecturer, Research Assistant, and Writer of Data Science

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Hi there, I am Md. Zubair,

About three years ago, I started to learn data science from the very beginning and began to work as an ML research assistant. I had started to learn data science by myself. I had faced so many difficulties during the journey but didn't stop. 

Now, I am working as a lecturer at a reputed university, and I am conducting data science classes as a lecturer. I am a self-taught data science teacher, and I know where to start and the best online resources for data science. If you want to start your journey to learn data science by yourself, I can help you a lot. Besides teaching, I have developed models like a chatbot to assist the university, location-based best crops prediction model for Bangladeshi farmers. 

I have a Quora Space with more than 84k followers where I try to help the data science enthusiasts by answering questions and providing quality content. Feel free to contribute if you want. The like is given below. 

ABC of DataScience and ML (

I write a series of articles in the medium about data science. I like to spread knowledge. So, I usually try to represent the data science topics in a simple way. You can also visit my medium profile to read out the articles. 

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You may also get connected with my Linkedin account. 

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