Maximilian Perkmann

Strategy Consultant, IT Product Manager, tech, and financial enthusiast. Minimalist and climber 🚀

Vienna, Austria

Background in the development and project management of State Of The Art client/server applications, smartphone apps, and IoT. Combined with an MBA in business psychology.

Moved on as an IT project manager and ended up as a COO @ Mergeport in Vienna and Strategy Consultant @ FYNN Strategy.
Co-founded the e-commerce platform Printtextures for high-resolution texture material. Writing about financial stuff @ Verticalinvest. Blogger @ Medium about crypto (@max.perkmann)

Main focus on business development, project management, product development, and digital marketing (online campaigns & SEO. Entrepreneur's blood with tech background and passion. Mainly dealing with strategic decisions, technical leadership, and the modeling of business cases, products. As a Project Manager and Scrum Master, I was able to build profound knowledge of Agile Project Management, especially in IT. Concept development and sales.

As a co-founder of the financial-blog and a crypto blog on Medium I had the possibility to dive deep into investments, fintech-businesses, and crypto. Writing, journalism, organizing events, and lots of private effort with investments. Many times top writer in finance, tech, and gaming on Medium.

With printtextures, I got to challenge myself for the first time as an entrepreneur.

Dedicating my free time to climbing, blogging, investments, and reading.

Providing services in:

  • Tech Consulting: App & Web-Development, product development, and design
  • Strategy Consulting: Business Model Development, product design, marketing, and sales structure
  • (Strategic) Marketing
  • Data-driven business
  • IT Lead and (agile) Project Management
  • Business Psychology
  • Blogging
  • Copywriting: English, Italian, German

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