Matt Richter

Financially independent wealth management professional with special focus in personal finance, ETFs, mutual funds, equities, fixed income, FX, commodities, precious metals, real estate, entrepreneurship and especially how to bring them all together and make sense for you.


Matt started his banking career in the mid 1990's in Switzerland. With a Masters Degree in Economics and Business Administration (University of St. Gallen, Switzerland) he ventured out to Taipei to learn Mandarin Chinese and served wealthy Private Banking clients in the Greater China area working from Taipei, Zurich and Singapore representing the two major Swiss Banks as Certified Wealth Management Advisor over the years. Matt managed client portfolios in the hundreds of millions US dollars. In 2017 Matt co-started a multi-family office based out of Singapore. He brought the best components in the Wealth Management industry together to serve his clients with top-notch services striving to deliver the best possible wealth management service possible. This was achieved by combining experience, independent expert advice, traditional private banking set-ups together with innovative fintech set-ups – the end result is top-notch tailor made wealth management served out of one hand. Together with experts in fintech, Matt is striving to improve his offering further under the JCube Capital Partners Pte Ltd adding more reach and professional financial expertise. Matt is licensed by the MAS in Singapore. 

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