Kasia Kalemba

Research Scientist turned Data Scientist

New Jersey


My name is Kasia and I spent the first 6 years of my career at the bench researching what goes wrong on a cellular level in Type II Diabetes. Academia was great. Intellectual freedom, interesting day-to-day, and a great deal of satisfaction from my experiments. But things moved slowed, growth was highly political and the amount of effort and education required to move on to the next step didn't match the payout. So I wondered what'd be next for me. 

It was a gut feeling, I loved data and decided to pursue it. 

Starting from 0 in a technical background, I wanted a solid learning structure, a quick turnaround time, and the ability to switch careers without losing pay. I decided to pursue this quest via a Data Science Bootcamp and hoped to land a job within a month of graduation. As much as I loved my Bootcamp, I don't think it adequately explained how hard getting a job in entry-level data science is. But the researcher in me did a lot of digging to find out how to break into this new field. I took matters into my own hands and eventually landed an internship transitioning into a full-time job within 6 months of graduating from my program. 

Along the way, I learned which career materials are actually important, how much work it takes especially having zero coding knowledge, how to nail an interview, how to bomb an interview, and which route into data science is the most beneficial. My path wasn't provided by any post-bootcamp career office but by my own persistence. 

I can provide advice on pros and cons of different career transition routes into data science, the interview process, and how to land a job or just general information of a career in research science vs. data science. 

I hope that I can offer you help that I didn't have along the way. 

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