Kareem Kudus

Carnegie Mellon University Graduate with experience at an investment bank and successful tech startup.


In 2015 I graduated from the Masters of Science in Computational Finance program at Carnegie Mellon University, one of the top-ranked financial engineering programs in the world. I began my career working as a Fixed Income Strategist on the trading floor at Scotiabank, where I designed profitable trading strategies through quantitative and qualitative analysis. Subsequently, I joined the startup Riskfuel which is using Artificial Intelligence to revolutionize the world of institutional trading by valuing derivatives millions of times faster than current best practices. This experience helped me to understand what it takes to build a successful business. As the first employee, I led the development of Riskfuel's technology leading to our first models being implemented in the industry.

This year, in search of more fulfilling work, I decided to leave the field of finance and return to graduate school. The goal of my current research is to improve the treatment of pediatric brain cancer using Artificial Intelligence. 

Since leaving finance I've become interested in helping people understand the oftentimes misunderstood world of business/economics, please see my Medium profile here for some examples of the things I have been thinking about.

My diverse academic and professional background gives me a unique set of skills and knowledge which I am looking to apply to interesting projects. If you need help on something related to machine learning, statistical analysis, investing or personal finance, I would love to give you a hand.

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