Economics and Strategic Thinking

With John Krompas


As an economic consultant, I can provide you with data and insights that you may use for your own business and investment decisions.

I can provide you with insights about specific business sectors, macroeconomic analysis, data retrieval, and forecasts.

Upon booking a session we discuss your needs, then within an agreed deadline, you will receive a report in your email with full analysis and recommendations (plus any other deliverables we agree). The report is delivered to you at no extra cost other than that of the booked session.

Sectoral trends (like growth potential of the tourism sector of a country)
Macroeconomic analysis (Expected GDP growth, unemployment rates, risks the economy faces, etc.)
Business analysis* (Sales forecast, SWOT analysis, demand factors, advertising campaign effectiveness, etc).
*Data must be provided by you.

Rate (USD)

$120.00 / 60min