Joanne Reed

Former contract lawyer. Published Author, Blogger, storyteller & motivator. Well-chosen words can breathe hope into you when your spirit is broken and can make you stronger than you know.

Reunion Island

Everyone is as lost as you are

Nobody has it figured out because life rarely works out as planned. Things may look pristine on the surface, but pretty messy underneath. You never know what it took for people to get to where they are, all the hard work, all the rejections, the sweat, the tears, the setbacks, the doubt, the number of years it took them to become an “overnight” success.

If you need someone to help you navigate through those choppy waters, I am here.

The Quest for Clarity 

The Quest for clarity is an endless pursuit. We all want clear answers to our questions. We all want clear solutions to our problems. We all want clear paths to follow along the road to a happy and successful life. We all want to move from a state of confusion, which brings with it a lot of suffering to a state of clarity, which brings joy and happiness. We all want Clarity.

If you need someone to help you navigate through those muddy waters, and find some Clarity, I am here.

When life gives you, lemons make anything you want.

There is something you can learn from pretty much every circumstance you encounter. When one faces a problem, think of it as a challenge that is strengthening you, making you stronger, wiser, better. One of the biggest issues nowadays is living with uncertainty. Nothing is certain anymore. Dealing with uncertainty is damn difficult, but uncertainty is also the very condition that impels man to unfold his powers. When life gives you lemons, make anything you want.

If you need someone to help you navigate through these uncertain times and help you make whatever you want with those lemons, I am here.

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