JM Pique

Entrepreneur, Executive Coach & Consultant


I'm an entrepreneur, executive coach and consultant,  with nearly 30-year experience at an international level:  guiding businesses, institutions and professionals to define and pursue their goals, making them achievable  in the most effective way.

I'm used to working in diverse and multicultural environments. Like a world-traveller, I have participated in projects worldwide: Spain, France, Germany, Italy, UK, Belgium, Poland, Lithuania, Morocco, UAE, USA, Mexico, Colombia,  Dominican Republic, Argentina, to name a few.

I have a Degree in International Economics from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, and the Certificate of Business Excellence (COBE) from the University of California, Berkeley. 

‚ÄčI'm a certified Gallup Strengths Coach. I teach at Eada Business School Barcelona in the Department of Strategy,  Leadership and People, as an Adjunct Professor of Economy,  Geopolitics, Strategy, and Innovation. While coaching organizations, teams and individuals as my main activity, I'm currently involved as an entrepreneur in the development of a few projects,  and active in Venture Capital at pre-seed and seed levels.

My main talents are related to strategy, creativity, building relationships, and the curiosity to keep learning from life and people. I live in Barcelona, though learning from different perspectives and cultures is one of his main interests.

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