Jan Mozer

Passion for finance | Manager Financial Advisory @ Deloitte


Hi, I am Jan, passionate about corporate finance, valuations and all M&A-related topics.

As a due diligence professional, I’ve performed financial due diligence assignments for different target sizes (small-, mid-, large-cap) as a buy-side or sell-side advisor. There, I covered different industries, e.g. automotive, industrial products, tooling, fitness, and healthcare.

In addition, I performed valuations for indicate purchase price purposes or validated assumptions and business models provided by the seller on behalf of a large automotive supplier. Also, I have been in charge of the M&A activities of a large automotive supplier and evaluated several targets during this time.

There's still a lot for me to learn but I am happy to share my little knowledge with you. That's why I started talking about financial due diligence procedures here on LinkedIn.

Other than that, I am passionate about Latin America (Mexico, in particular) and venture capital.

Let's get in touch, either here on LinkedIn or via mail (jan@passion-for-finance.com).

👉 Also, check out my content library. There, I am sharing blog posts about finance topics https://passion-for-finance.com/

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