Filippos D.

Medium Top Writer in AI, Business, and Finance

My name is Filippos Dounis, and among many things, I am a writer in the Artificial Intelligence, Finance, and Business niches. I have ghost-written multiple articles that have been published on platforms such as Forbes and Yahoo Finance. I am currently employed as a writer in Medium's largest publication- "The Startup", as well as "Data-Driven Investor", "Data Series" and more. For the past years, I have worked as a Business Intelligence and Machine Learning Engineer contractor for multiple firms. Among many things, I am currently a Data Science and Business Intelligence consultant, running at the same time my own Business- AI Monopoly- An initiative where I educate Business Professionals (from KPMG, JPM, Tesla, etc.), as well as University Professors on how they can integrate AI into their sphere of work. My goal as a consultant is to act as the liaison between your Business and AI Technology. Are you an entrepreneur with a "crazy" Business idea that requires AI? Do you represent a business that wishes to use AI to improve its products? My role is to communicate with you on both a personal and professional level, understand you and your needs, and advise the best possible course of action for you, and your Business. Past projects range from AI for real-estate development, fintech startups, smart healthcare, PR and communication, Venture Capital, Financial models, and more! I am open to discuss any idea and find the best way to bring it to fruition together. Hope to work with you soon! Filippos D.

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