Art, Culture, and Society

With Douglas Giles

Czech Republic

They don't have a category for Life, but that's the category I would choose if I could. Culture and Society are close. I have been a philosophy professor, for over 20 years. Many people, because they’ve been allowed so little experience with philosophy, have a negative view of it. They see philosophy as the obscure arcane thoughts of odd reclusive men from bygone times. They see the study of philosophy as dusting off moldy ideas that have little relevance to their daily lives. Not true!

Philosophy is about life, society, and culture. I am here to reach beyond the ivory tower to converse with people about the deeper issues and ideas about life and culture. I am passionate about ideas that explore deep questions and provide solutions that improve human life. That’s why I’m a philosopher and why I love teaching philosophy. The world needs more philosophy. More to the point, we all need to engage with the world with a more philosophical attitude. So I’m bringing philosophy out of the stuffy ivory tower and into real life. That’s what philosophy is: real life.

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