With Cynthia Wylie

United States

You have a great idea or a burning passion to invent, create, sell something. Do you know the steps to get there? Do you need to raise money? Write a business plan? Create a presentation? What are your sales channels? E-commerce or retailers? Big box or independents?  What pricing model should you use? Distribution method? Who are your competitors? How are you different? Better? I can help you answer these questions. Don't start until you do. Good planning before you launch can save you time and money and make the difference between success or failure.

Remember: there are no good ideas. There is only good execution. 

Relationship Banking – Advice from an ex-banker.

Why Cash is King and How to Get More of It.

Tried and True Advice for Making Big Decisions During a Crisis.

The Difference Between Markups and Margins Revealed.

The Art of Pricing.


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$60.00 / 60min