Christian Soschner

Passion for Health & Wellness, Deep Tech, Conversations and Business


I am passionate about building companies with deep tech teams that transform our society. The goal is to develop, invest, and commercialize innovation on a global scale. 

I am super focused on delivering results and progress.

After two decades of fun and work with teams in Life Science/Pharma, Entertainment, Agriculture, Logistics, and digital assets, my core experience is developing and improving deep tech business models, Communication, M&A, Investment, Corporate Development, Leadership and Financing.

Since 2006 I have built private life science companies as a Board Member.

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Following my passion for health and wellbeing, I have four decades of training in Chinese and Japanese Martial Arts/Philosophy and have done 17 (Ultra-)Marathons.

Areas and technologies that excite me the most in 2022:

Longevity, Health Literacy, Wellbeing
Artificial Intelligence, 
mRNA, Gene-Editing, and Synthetic Biology,
Autonomous Driving, 
Blockchain Eco-Systems and

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