With Barbara Grassey


Many entrepreneurs are brilliant at what they do  for their clients, but when it comes to marketing themselves…  not so much. It is uncomfortable (for many) to “blow their own horns.” 

The goal of marketing is to bring prospects to you, to sift and sort so you spend your time with qualified leads who move into being the customers you love to work with. 

To do that, you need a plan. 

But most of the marketing plans that are available are designed for larger companies with huge marketing budgets. I work specifically with entrepreneurs who need a marketing plan for their business that won't require an entire department and a boatload of cash to execute that plan. There are ways to market effectively and efficiently without breaking the bank. And a cohesive plan along with consistent effort will get you there.

Marketing is the life blood of your business. Set up your marketing systems now and get off the feast or famine rollercoaster. 


Rate (USD)

$45.00 / 30min