Communication and Writing

With Barbara Grassey


Whether you're writing a business book to increase your credibility and authority, creating a blog post, or crafting your marketing message, your writing must be clear and concise. 

A confused prospect doesn't buy. More importantly, they need to know exactly how your product or service will benefit them. If you can't clearly state that in a compelling way, you're out of business.

Do you need help with: 

  • Creating an effective lead magnet?
  • Writing your business book?
  • Finding compelling blog topics?
  • Developing your marketing plan?
  • Crafting your message/brand?
  • Finding your target market?

I can help.

If you aren't attracting qualified people to make your offer to or if your offer is not converting, either online or in person, schedule a session with me to review your offer and break the bottleneck in your business.



Rate (USD)

$45.00 / 30min