Anh Dang Trung

An expert in Data Science


I am Trung Anh Dang and I am just a simple man, likes to work faster and be more efficient. I have never faced a challenge in my work life that I couldn’t overcome. In 2009, I graduated from Hanoi University of Technology in the top five percent of my faculty. In my current position as RnD Group Leader at Viettel Business Solutions, a leading company, I’ve built an organization that sets new high standards in efficiency and delivers excellent production quality. 
My areas of expertise include:
▲Writer on Medium.
▲Develop mobile apps.
▲An expert in Data Science.
▲Teach everyone about the things that are needed.
▲Leadership development and organizational growth.
▲Emphasis on core services development of Information and Communication Technology.
I am always looking out for new opportunities that utilize these skills. 

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