Andrea Marchiotto

I help tech companies, scale-ups, and organizations with entrepreneurial units to start new businesses, launch new digital products and manage digital platforms, scale strategic programs, and build digital execution strategies for achieving sustained and sustainable growth.


Who I am

I have been a passionate Venture leader and builder of digital products and hyper-growth programs for more than twelve years since my Tech (Yahoo, Amazon) career started. I have done this by leading cross-functional teams, analyzing data, and developing structures.

I also write articles for Data Driven Investor on Medium about leadership principles, change management, new business models, DTC & eCommerce, Amazon, and more.

As an ambassador of emerging technologies, I have dedicated special attention lately to Web3, blockchain, NFT, and the Metaverse.

  • Due to my interest in machine learning and neural networks, I created from the ground up BlackCube, a project around non-fungible tokens and generative AI art, with themes revolving around science, physics, space and cosmic phenomena.


As an agile intrapreneur, you can consult with me on the following themes:

  • Product strategy, Product Management, Roadmaps
  • Growth Marketing
  • Leadership principles
  • Direct-to-consumer (DTC) and new business models
  • Innovation funnels (governance and wow frameworks)
  • Organic venturing (ideation, incubation, realization)
  • Hiring and nurturing T-shaped talents
  • Change management and Digital transformation in Web2 companies
  • Web2 transactional subscriptions
  • Web3 community-centered memberships
  • Go-to-Market and Go-to-Community strategies
  • Business Online Strategy, Digital Strategy
  • Program Management and Project Management with SCRUM/AGILE approach

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