Adria Parcerisas, PhD

Ph.D. ML and AI | Blockchain Technology and cryptocurrency expert


 Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering related to ML and AI technical projects for data analysis and research. Since 2015, his work is centered on Blockchain Technology.

Dr. A. Parcerisas has been analyzing the cryptocurrency market during the last few years, becoming an expert person in the sector and making deep reviews for many new projects which try to disrupt this market. He has more than 500 articles written about Blockchain and new projects that are trying to adopt this technology.

He can help you to understand Blockchain and its technology, as well as to adapt your project to it. If you have any questions about Blockchain Technology, how to develop a Blockchain project, how to develop a marketing campaign into the cryptocurrency world, or how to develop your Blockchain business, do not hesitate to contact him. 

“The best way to carry out a project is to make a good financial market analysis and research it and then, create a marketing campaign at the height. This is only possible with a good team able to coordinate and willing to undertake the journey. Here I am ready to be part of someone interesting and with the same mentality!” A. Parcerisas

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