Abhinav Srivastava

Crypto / Blockchain / System Design / Web Development


Abhinav is a Blockchain and Web developer. His primary interests are distributed storage, decentralized apps on blockchain networks and building scalable solutions. He is a former fellow of Ethereum Foundation, and worked at multiple companies as an intern. He is currently the editor for TheCryptoElement and a writer at DataDrivenInvestor in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. Abhinav is an R&D intern with Persistence where he researches and documents protocols. He was a fellow with Ethereum India where he learned from core Ethereum developers. Before working with Blockchain, he was developing Websites - Django, Node, React are his top talents.

He keeps up with the latest research, news and developments in the field of Crypto and Blockchain. Being from a CS Background, his strong points are Web Development, System Design, Blockchain Development, C++, GoLang, Rust and Python. Apart from that he understands fundamentals of the financial markets: Arbitrage, Forwards, Futures, Swaps, Stochastic Processes and Options for example.

He can help you with projects such as:

1. Designing a Blockchain infrastructure
2. Developing an NFT platform (such as NBA topshots)
3. Forking UniSwap/SushiSwap
4. Providing in-depth research on Cryptocurrencies
5. Drafting a solid whitepaper
6. Developing a decentralised application
7. Planning out the tokenonomics
8. Migrating your current infrastructure
9. developing a token and getting it listed
10. Crafting content around your project
11. Spinning up your own network
12. Setting up an NFT marketplace

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