Abdulwasiu Tiamiyu

Data Analyst @Ingressive for Good. Session Lead/Mentor @Udacity | Bioinformatic Enthusiast | Data Scientist |Tech lover | AWS Community Builder


Data literacy advocate - I transform raw data into actionable insights, helping individuals and organizations grow accustomed to using data by bringing to light and enhancing skills in data literacy.

I enjoy making data science concepts easy to learn and understand for anyone. 

I frequently write about Data Science, Predictive Analytics, and Machine Learning on Medium.

Technical Specialties: Data Mining, Predictive Modelling, Visualization, Data storytelling

In love with:
* Python, R, SQL and data visualization tools
* Git & Version Ctrl
* Writing and teaching technical aspects of data to beginners and general audiences

Interested in:
* Bioinformatics and Molecular Biology

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