Tijo Philip

I am an experienced digital marketeer specialized in creating rock-solid strategies that work. Period.


Hi, I have about 10 years of experience as a marketeer. I have worked in roles such as social media marketer (my first job), all the way to Chief of Marketing. I have done freelancing for around a dozen companies as a fractional CMO and independent consultant. 

My current full-time role is as the Head of Strategy and Digital for a major advertising agency where I work with dozens of clients on creating strong, outcome-oriented marketing strategies.

I love solving problems ("if it's a problem, it has a solution" is a life motto), learning new things and consulting. I write good strategy documents.

I have a borderline unhealthy affection toward using data in marketing (what some of us marketeers affectionately call marketing science ) and obsessively reducing wastage and improving effectiveness. 

I am currently plotting to start up a digital-only agency on the side along with a few of my peers in the advertising space to create an agency that offers spot-on end-to-end digital marketing solutions.

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