Stephane Bilodeau

Cleantech Entrepreneur, Engineer, PhD; frontrunner in Renewables, Energy storage, Artificial Intelligence, Thermodynamics, and Sustainable Development


Stephane BilodeauEngineer, PhD in Energy, Ventilation & Advanced Thermodynamics

A frontrunner, Founder and Chairman of 2 Cleantech, Enerstat and Novacabhis main objectives are related to the deployment of renewables, energy storage and other clean technologies with IoT & Artificial Intelligence as well as the development of the engineering profession in a sustainable way.  Engineering being part of the solution to Climate Change Challenges.

Recognized specialist and leader in advanced thermodynamics, Indoor Air Quality, Energy and Ventilation, he supervises a team developing and producing different thermal storage and energy management systems exploiting energy recycling and thermal storage through phase change materials. He carried on many innovative projects related to Energy Storage and Energy Management in Vehicles and Buildings. He supervises a team deploying and developing different innovation in energy storage and energy management exploiting energy recycling, renewable energy, smart grid technologies and thermal storage

He is an active member of Engineers Associations in Canada, Chairman of the Scholarships and Awards Committee of FOIQ (OIQ Foundation) and he has founded and led a Cleantech Company.  In the last 20 years, he has worked extensively in Energy Efficiency, Innovation and Sustainable Development matters, teaming on innovation, notably in energy storage, renewables, and artificial intelligence. He is Fellow of Engineers Canada, contributor of the World Health Network (WHN) and co-Editor of the WHN Guidelines, and expert contributor to Energy Central and #TowardsDataScience and #TheStartup in Medium.

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