Papa Makhtar DIOP

From market structure to high-frequency trading, you can count on my deep and secret knowledge about how technology can allow you to make risk free high-profit investments but I would love to see you invest your money in entrepreneurs and win again, that's why I added entrepreneurship and startup in my skillset because I believe in an economy driven by us, human beings, not only computers.


if you want to see yourself and your money make an impact in the world by the mean of finance, technology, and business, I am glad and eager to show up in front of you and let you know how to because it's not about me but you. You deserve more than this lifelong learner and geek that I am and you can ground your decision on my knowledge and interest in financial markets started since I integrated  Societe Generale in 2007. A bank that I left for trading independently but hopefully at that time I saw that digital services were going to have exponential growth with a lot of applications that will shape our everyday's life because since the 90s I was a strong computer user who taught himself 3 programming languages way before he joined a french university in 2003 for learning Mechanical engineering. After Societe general, I integrated for a short time frame a french social company called Groupe Cheque dejeuner ( Now Groupe Up ) which was my last involvement in a company because, since 2011, I am a social entrepreneur and investor who work and invest his time on ideas, problems, solutions and people like you with a unique goal of making this world better because you simply merit a better life than yours actually.

Maybe reading me can help you know more about me and how, you can read me here

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