Natassha Selvaraj

Self-taught data scientist


Hi there, I'm Natassha.

A year ago, I decided to teach myself data science in order to break into the data industry. I managed to land a data science job in less than a year. I did this solely with the help of resources available on the Internet.

I also run a data science blog now, and my articles are aimed towards helping beginners land a job in the data industry. You can take a look at my blog here:

I have also created a portfolio of data science projects that you can find here:

It is difficult to land a job in data science without a Master's degree and with no prior experience, but it isn't impossible. 

If you are a beginner in the data industry and are confused about the different career options, don't know how to start learning data science, or are looking to land a data science job, you can schedule a DDIChat session with me.

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Hari Purnapatre

13:37 PM | 28 Jun 2021

I am very happy with the help and support I received from Natassha. She is an excellent model for how someone adept at his/her field should be. She has provided excellent suggestions for making an effective transition in the field of Data Science. I strongly recommend this consultation to anyone who wants to unlock more of his or her career potential.

Arpita Saqui

14:54 PM | 29 Jun 2021

Krishna Murthy Kuchibhotla

16:25 PM | 03 Dec 2021

Stanislas BASQUIN

13:25 PM | 21 Dec 2021

Absolutely Disastrous. Expert never came to the appointment ; I lost my time and money. Asking for an immediate refund.

Shreenidhi H

10:44 AM | 29 Jun 2022

Was great learning from the self taught.